Seltmann Weiden Isolde coffee set

  • Materials: porcelain
  • Size: coffee pot: 123mm (Diam) x 202mm (H) / jug: 68mm (Diam) x 88mm (H) / sugar: 87mm (Diam) x 83mm (H) / cup: 72mm (Diam) x 64mm (H) / saucer: 132mm (Diam)
  • Reference: SB21035
  • Manufacturer: Seltman Weiden
  • Categories: Ceramic
Charming coffee set comprising coffee pot, milk jug and lidded sugar, six cups and saucers, from the Isolde range by Seltmann Weiden. Attractive curvaceous shape and lids topped with trumpet-shaped handles, with simple pattern of bands formed by grey vertical and zig-zag lines on clean white background. Dating from immediately after the second World War, this set is still totally contemporary.

Mark attributed to between 1949-54: (crown logo) Seltmann Weiden E   Bavaria   Isolde   Western Germany