Seltman Weiden

About Seltman Weiden

Christian Wilhelm Seltmann and his oldest brother Johann established a porcelain factory in a German town Vohenstrauß in 1901. The Porzellanfabrik Johann Seltmann swiftly developed into employing 600 workers respected porcelain producer.

The brothers, however, weren't able to find agreement on how to run a factory and finally in 1910 Christian Wilhelm Seltmann decided to start his own business in the town of Weiden. In just three years employment rose to 320 workers.

Christian died in an accident in 1921. Management of the factory passed to his widow Katharina Seltmann. In 1928 the business was taken over by her son Wilhelm. The company expanded taking over the Porzellanfabrik Krummennaab (1939) and the Porzellanfabrik Erbendorf (1940).

After WWII it was difficult to bring factories back to business. Starting in 1953 Wilhelm Seltmann modernized his facilities and in 1957 he took over Königlich privilegierte Porzellanfabrik Tettau G.m.b.H. Wilhelm died in 1967.

After German reunification in 1990 the Seltmann group took over four Thuringia porcelain factories. It is still a family business.