Caithness Oban teardrop vase

  • Year: 1969
  • Materials: glass
  • Size: base: 80mm (W) x 74mm (D) / top: 22mm (W) x 19mm (D) x 182mm (H)
  • Reference: SB23174
  • Manufacturer: Caithness Glass Ltd.
  • Categories: Glass
A teardrop bud vase, no.OG18, from the Oban range, designed by Charles Orr and Peter Fuin for Caithness Glass in 1969. A rounded trapezoid shape with unusually separate coloured glass stripes in light green, blue and violet which twist round the body. A very bright piece.

These vases with heay bases were highly successful and became the a hallmark of the Oban range.The form was designed by Peter Fuin with each side flattend, rolled slightly and then elongated by swinging. The base was flattened using a pad on the floor. Each example is therefore unique in precise shape and size. In 1981, a standard sized vase cost £8.95 (equivalent to approx. £43.90 today).