About Digsmed

Digsmed Design or Digsmed Woodcarving, was a small Danish design company, which designed and produced high quality household goods, primarily using teak, glass and cast iron during the 1960s and 1970s.

Flemming Digsmed was the owner  and designer.

Among other products, Digsmed produced a range of beautiful Lazy Susys and spice racks, all with one common theme – a rotating wooden circle attached to an unseen base, and combined with glass bowls or dishes. They also produced candle holders with a rounded center of teak, with cast iron holders attaches to the side of the teak centre.

The company collaborated with Holmegaard Glassworks for all the glass parts and Nissen Langå (Nissen Wood factory, Langå), which produced parts of the teak products and the cast iron products. 

The Digsmed Company closed in 1975.