Smiths Delhi clock

  • Materials: plastic, metal
  • Size: 355mm (Diam) x 70mm (Deep) / dial: 295mm (Diam)
  • Reference: SB21438
  • Categories: Plastic
Smiths Delhi, battery operated, wall clock. Thick white plastic case and ivory / cream dial with black numerals, hands and red second hand. A good looking, crisp mid-century timepiece.

The Smiths Delhi clock was made in various dial sizes over many decades - this is a large 29.5cm / 11.5 inch version.

The heavy white plastic case was used from the mid 1960’s until Smiths stopped production in 1979. Smiths clocks were supplied with quartz battery movements from 1975, so this model will be from the middle to late 70s.

Front dial mark: Smiths   Delhi   Quartz   Made in UK