Palissy Kismet butter dish

  • Materials: earthenware
  • Size: 146mm (W) x 93mm (D) x 55mm (H)
  • Reference: S21164f
  • Manufacturer: Palissy
  • Categories: Ceramic
Butter dish from the Kismet range by Palissy, circa 1970’s. Confident, slightly embossed, pattern of flowers and leaves in mustard, orange, umber and olive green, matching olive/brown lid. One side features a single flower, with two flowers on the other side.

Mark: A Member of the Royal Worcester Group Palissy England Est.1853 Casual Tableware

Palissy was the trade name under which the English firm of A.E. Jones and Sons, of Stoke-on-Trent, marketed their china and pottery. The name was chosen as a tribute to Bernard Palissy, the famous French potter of the 16th century.

The firm was bought out in 1958 by the Royal Worcester group, and in turn the Carborundum company that already owned Spode china and took over Hammersley china in 1972, and then Royal Worcester in 1974. Later pieces are marked Royal Worcester Group, then Royal Worcester Spode Group, but production was undoubtedly still in Longton. From 1982, production of Palissy and Hammersley ranges was merged, until their final demise in 1988.