Ianthe candle holder

  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Size: 185mm (W) x 168mm (D) x 118mm (H)
  • Reference: SB21040
  • Categories: Metalware
A 1970's design from England which captures its Scandinavian influences well.

A striking mid-century stainless steel modernist three candle triangular holder made by Ianthe. The design is such that each section intertwines with another and connecting into another and locking into place via the discs which themselves are held into place by the candle holder which screws on.

Each arm measures 15cm and the sectors have a width of 18.5cm with a height 12cm. The candle holders have an outer diameter of 2.5cm. 

Made by Ianthe and made in england with the registered trade mark and the following markings REG DES PDG and PAT.

In great condition. Brilliant table centre piece.