Dartington Dimple Candleholder

  • Materials: lead crystal
  • Size: 95mm (Diam) x 87mm (H)
  • Reference: S20051
  • Designer: Frank Thrower
  • Manufacturer: Dartington
  • Categories: Glass
Dartington Dimple Candleholder, with candle, and in orginal box: model number FT10/9. A very simple, weighty and elegant 'pedestal' for a 3inch diameter candle. An iconic design by Frank Thrower, first seen in the 1971 Dartington Glass catalogue, the Dimple range was handcrafted from molten lead crystal and mouth blown into moulds to achieve the dimpled base.

Original gold cellophane label from 1980s: Dartington  England  24% lead crystal.

Gold labels were used for first quality pieces and black for 'seconds'.