Jentique highboard

  • Materials: teak
  • Size: 1660mm(W) x 435mm(D) x 1040mm(H)
  • Reference: S17002
  • Manufacturer: Jentique
  • Categories: Storage
A favourite from the 1960's. This versatile sideboard / cabinet works well in a kitchen, hall or dining area. A very stylish and useful piece of furniture. Designed to be both space saving and commodious.

This piece of furniture has it all - 2 display cabinets, 2 cupboards, 3 graduated drawers and an internal cocktail cabinet!

One of the glass displays has a glass moveable shelf while one of the cupboards has a wooden adjustable one. These provide great storage for a variety of items in many sizes - either on show on hidden away.

The cocktail cabinet, hidden behind a drop down door, is mirrored with a glass shelf and light.

The top drawer is suitable for cutlery.

Back stamped 197. With original Jentique label regarding the electrics.