Portmeirion Gold Lion cup and saucer x5

Set of five matt black cups and saucers, decorated with the Gold Lion pattern, on the classic 'Cylinder' shape designed by Susan Williams-Ellis for Portmeirion Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent. Gold Lion was only produced in small numbers and so this pattern is seldom seen. In excellent condition.

A sumptuous pattern in black and gold designed by Susan Williams Ellis featuring a loosely drawn, small arty lion facing right. Originally started as trial pieces, Gold Lion was produced in 1962 and applied to coffee sets, tankards, tea sets etc. The range continued successfully for about 10 years, although it wasn't produced in large quantities. Early coffee sets had lavishly painted gilding on the lid of the coffee pot, down the length of its long spout and the handle, and coffee cups had gold rims. In its latter years the extra gilding was dropped and the design was also applied to brown or white matt glazed items.