Sklo Union Rudolfova Iceberg vase

  • Materials: glass
  • Size: 96mm (Diam) x 154mm (H)
  • Reference: SB23218
  • Categories: Glass
Clear crystal glass 'Iceberg' vase, model no.13292, designed by Rudolf Jurniki for Rudolfova Hut - part of the Czechoslovakian Sklo Union group. Eight fins produce a striking 'crown' to the top. The clear crystal, in perfect condition, is stunningly bright.

Rudolfova Hut was founded in 1906 by Josef Inwald, who already owned several glass factories. Rudolf Schrotter created several designs which began production in 1914. Other designers that worked for Rudolfova Hut include Frantisek Vizner, Rudolf Jurnikl, Adolf Matura, Vladislav Urban, and Vaclav Hanus. Rudolfova Hut soon became the largest producer of pressed glass in Czechoslovakia. In 1965, Rudolfova Hut became part of the Sklo Union group.