Picquot Ware K3 kettle

  • Materials: metal
  • Size: 247mm (W) x 208mm (Diam) x 185mm (H)
  • Reference: SB23067
  • Manufacturer: Picquot Ware
  • Categories: Metalware
Very popular in the 1950's. Teapots, water jugs, milk and sugar can often be found. However, the kettle is the star piece in the set and rarely seen.

This super stylish kettle combines deco design with later European influences.

Picquot Ware was made of 'Magnailium', an alloy of manganese and aluminium that was especially developed for the range. They were cast in one piece to minimise leaks when pouring.

The wooden handle is sycamore.

The kettle holds 3pt / 1.7l and is designed to sit directly on the stove top.

Designed in 1938, and manufatured by Burrage & Boyd the K3 kettle was initially produced under their 'Newmaid' name, before being re-branded as 'Picquot ware ' when post war production was stepped up and the range increased to include full tea sets.