Danish teak chest of drawers by Børge Mogensen

Danish teak chest of drawers raised on a base with distinctive stretcher and turned legs, Model 134, designed by Børge Mogensen for Søborg Møbelfabrik in the 60s. Set of four drawers with lots of beautiful details. The body is in a dark reddish teak with beautiful grain. The distinctive base supports legs in solid beech with teak 'socks' which is a quirky design feature. The characteristic, simple solid teak handles lend the piece a typical minimal mid-century style.

Model 134 was made with various base types from at least 1954-1966 (probably starting earlier and ending later, but those are the dates confirmed in old Søborg catalogues.) The teak-tipped beech leg style on this piece is widely regarded as the rarest and most desirable, and it was only made in the earliest years of production.

The top has been lightly refurbished but not too agressively in order to retain the patina, so a couple of water marks are still visible. The drawer fronts are also splashed with stains - possibly red wine. Again these have not come out after cleaning and so are left rather than risking damage to the grain. A small repair has been carried out to the top of the right hand side.

Stamp on the back: Søborg Møbelfabrik logo   Made in Denmark