RAFF 17 - 3 glasses, in original packaging

  • Materials: glass, cardboard
  • Size: 17cl (6oz) - 89mm (H) x 62mm (Diam)
  • Reference: B17012
  • Categories: Glass
serie RAFF 17 - 3 17cl vino/juice/vin glasses. The glasses are a little dusty never having been out of the original cardboard sleeve which is intact but a bit bashed and torn.. Manufactured by Vetreria di Borgonovo S.p.A. Italy.

The Vetreria di Borgonovo was founded in 1950. In over 50 years of business, the company, while developing a large-scale production, has managed to maintain a high standard of quality, to meet the needs and tastes of its customers. The varied needs of a wide and heterogeneous clientele are a continuous stimulus to the updating of the products, both from a functional and creative point of view.

Thanks to two state-of-the-art melting furnaces and new production lines, the Vetreria di Borgonovo produces about 500 different glass shapes, using a single type of glass, derived from the melting of silica sand with addition of fluxes, bleaches and refining. The glass used in the production process is extra-white (lead-free), and the product is molded by pressing, by-blowing and centrifugation.

A production of Vetreria di Borgonovo develops on three basic lines: Bar, Table and Containers for the home and for industry. Likewise, it is also possible to produce special articles, which can be used in promotional campaigns. Particular attention is also paid to packaging and packaging, which are carefully studied under the double aspect of reliability and creativity.