Welsh tapestry blanket

  • Materials: wool
  • Size: 1800mm x 2300mm
  • Reference: SB21531
  • Categories:
A superb, vintage Welsh tapestry from DERW Mill in Carmarthenshire. A heavy reversible blanket, traditionally woven in pure wool, with rich colours of conker, russett, orange, lichen, green and ecru. A large blanket, fringed on the two long sides. A stunning textile.

Traditionally woven in Wales as a double weave cloth produces a reversible blanket. Traditional blankets are woven on Dobcross 90 inch (2.3 metre) wide looms, although 'lengths' vary widely.

With original label: Made in Wales   A Derw Product   Pure New Wool   Welsh Woollens (logo) 100% wool

One available.