British Anchor Pottery Co Ltd

About British Anchor Pottery Co Ltd

Earthenware manufacturer, Anchor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, established in 1884. 

The works closed during the period 1940-1945 and the business carried on at the J&G Meakin Eagle & Eastwood works in Hanley. After the second World War business was resumed at the Anchor Road works. 

At some time the business was purchased by the Gailey Group Ltd. (a Staffordshire property company) which in 1970 gained control of Thomas Poole & Gladstone China Ltd and merged their British Anchor business into their new acquisition.

British Anchor's earthenware and Thomas Poole & Gladstone China's 'Royal Stafford' bone china became brand names of a new subsidiary 'Hostess Tableware Ltd' - a British Anchor trade name since the 1960's. Ware continued to be produced at the Anchor Road works.

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