Olle Alberius

About Olle Alberius

Sven-Olof Alberius, ceramicist, designer and glass artist, was born in Jönköping on April 8, 1926. Alberius began his education at Konstfack in Stockholm in 1952 and the following year he married Lisa Nilsson (1927-1965). Olle left Konstfack in 1956 and went to Syco Keramik in Strömstad where he worked as a designer from 1957-65.

During 1963-65, Alerius worked for both Syco and Rörstrand, but after 1965 only for Rörstrand. There he designed tableware such as Astral, Fleur, Grace, Koffi, Forma, Taffel, Blå and Brun Korall. Alberius also did some work in stoneware such as. urns, vases, lamp bases, wall tiles, the Sarek and Lummel series, etc. After Uppsala Ekeby's purchase of Rörstrand, he made the series Fyris.

In 1971 Oolle left Rörstrand and moved to Orrefors where he worked for the rest of his active life, making glassware, engravings and art glass such as grail and ariel.

Alberius made several ceramic decorations and is represented at the National Museum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Handicraft Museum in Gothenburg. He died in Orrefors on June 12, 1993.

The objects are stamped with factory markings, and the signature "OA".

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